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how to build a three stage sluice

  • Plan and design your own home made suction dredge for gold

    A sluice box is probably the biggest and most important thing that you can make for yourself on a dredge. It's an key and critical item - hey, if your sluice box doesn't capture the gold, then your whole dredge project is a lot of wasted time.

  • How a Sluice Box Works | Gold Prospecting Equipment,Tips ...

    how a sluice box works 2 The flared ends allow you to have suitable water flow into the sluice box if you are working in a small stream or slow running river. Once you begin placing the river materials into the sluice box the first thing they flow over is the primary V Mat.

  • Homemade Sluice Box Design | Flisol Home

    The popandson sluice gold box mining equipment drawings on making a gold sluice box google search my first attempt at building a sluice how to build a sluice box main ...

  • The Gold Dredge - , Inc,

    Modern dredges are provided with a Single or “multi stage” recovery systems, such as a the new 3 stage sluice. The multi stage sluice boxes are preferred, because they have a greater capacity to recover a finer grade of gold and black sand concentrates that often hold values.

  • Sluice Box Angle Indicator? Does it work? [Archive] - AMDS ...

    What I did back when Keene first introduced the three stage sluice is I set it up in my shop at the reccomended 3/4" drop per foot or there abouts and then epoxied a small bubble level to …

  • 4 Dredge Instructions - Kellyco Detectors

    The 3 stage sluice box requires more water than a normal sluice box to operate correctly . W e recommend that the W e recommend that the engine be ran at least 2/3rds. throttle or higher.

  • build your own three stage sluice - buurthuisbloemwijk.nl

    Plan and design your own home made suction … When you are sitting down to plan the designs of your own home made gold dredge, probably the first question you will want to ask yourself is "What size of ...

  • Three Stage Sluice Instructions - keeneeng.com

    Stage #1 Recovers 90% of all visible gold in the primary recovery riffles Stage #2 Secondary recovery of coarse gold Stage #3 Allows fine material to enter lower section &

  • build your own three stage sluice - greenrevolution.org.in

    How to Build Your Own Gold Sluice with Plans | eHow. Homemade 3 Stage Under Current Sluice Box catching Gold … Build a home made Sluice Box, make your own design plans and then build iti need to build a flare and power jet as getting one from the states is to pricey. … also any suggestions on building a three satge sluice. auldrider New ...

  • Keene 3 Stage Schema Box Sluice - genea-martron.nl

    Keene 3 stage sluice setup . hi i have an 5inch keene with the 3 stage sluice.I have put about 60 to 80 hours on the dredge each time having at different angles of the sluice or the gap going into …

  • Custom Built Highbankers, sluice boxes, dredge, hand ...

    Heckler Fabrication can custom build you a quality Highbanker, Power Sluice, Trommel Sluice Box, Concentrate sluice, Dredge sluice box, Hand sluice box, or modify/update your existing recovery system w/ any of our many options.

  • How to Build a Sluice Box: The 7 Things You Need to Do It ...

    2016-04-02· Choose if you want to build a sluice box from wood, aluminum, steel, or plastic. Start creating the frame of your sluice box. If you are using wood, make sure you apply silicone to the edges to prevent water leakage.

  • 2 Stage Sluice Gravity drop w/ Powerhead - DIY PROJECTS ...

    2015-02-09· After looking at alot of sluice designs, I tried to make one that incorportated a few different aspects of some I liked the look of. I like the gravity drop idea, …

  • Gold & Diamond Trommel Wash plants & Highbankers by ...

    Three generations of my family are, or have been miners. Starting w/ my Grandpa "Pop" Starting w/ my Grandpa "Pop" back in the early fifties, Using a 4' wide sluice, …

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    Once in the field, you can make adjustments to sluice slope and height of each screen to work out the needed velocity in three separate water-flows: First, the water-flow across the sluice; then the water-flow between the screens; and finally, the water flow across the top screen.

  • Sluicing - How to set the correct angle on your sluice box

    Test your sluice recovery and angle with one of our gold concentrate bags. Loaded with gold it will allow you to practice at home before going out on the river.

  • My Home Made 3 Stage Under Current Dredge Sluice Box

    If you make a sluice box for yourself, I wish you the best of luck with your project. California Gold dredge Country: My first use of this sluice was on my 2003 prospecting trip to Sierra City.

  • Pocket Sluice Is A Pocket Sized Sluicebox by Prospectors ...

    Pocket Sluice Is A Pocket Sized Sluice box for Gold Prospecting with Dream Mat by Prospectors Dream Mat as a back-pack portable Gold Prospecting & Mining Equipment Tool That is a miniature light weight Sluicebox for sampling, pay dirt, dirt, and concentrates. The Ultimate Outdoors Adventure Gift.

  • sluice box riffles test - YouTube

    2011-10-14· Some of our footage. You might want to scroll through the slow motion parts. Moderate flow rate test. Core mine material, quartz, sand, heavies, etc found in core material.

  • 3 stage sluice box design diagram « BINQ Mining

    2013-04-29· Homemade 3 Stage Under Current Sluice Box catching Gold … The 3 stage sluice box – starting construction. In developing plans for a homemade sluice box, the more time you spend thinking about your design, the better.

  • Keene Gold Dredge 3 Stage Sluice Assembly ... - how to Make

    William Coley: How many months can you run before you do a clean up,,, you seeem to have plenty of catch screens Ivica Pantic: Hello. I have one question about the characteristics of this track 3.

  • Keene 4 inch Dredge with 3 stage sluice (FREE SHIPPING)

    Keene 4 inch Dredge with 3 stage sluice (FREE SHIPPING) - FOR CURRENT PRICING AND AVAILABILITY ON KEENE DREDGES AND DRY-WASHERS PLEASE CONTACT US toll free: 1-888-985-6463 The most popular 4 Inch ...

  • Gold Adventures - My Equipment...

    How I Cut The Front Wall Out Of My Le Trap To Make It A Normal Sluice... Wolf Trap – all aluminum design, has an 18-inch flare, tapering to 10-1/2 inches, and measuring 34" long x 10-3/4" wide when in working position, folds to just 24" x 18".

  • building a three stage sluice - nhj-a.nl

    build your own three stage sluice - greenrevolution.org.in. build your own three stage sluice - Coal processing system Machine for sale. Find the Right and the Top build your own three stage sluice for your coal handling plant!

  • How to Build a Wooden Sluice Box | Our Pastimes

    Sluice boxes have been used by gold prospectors for years. The bottom of a sluice box is covered with so-called riffles. Water flows through these riffles, and any heavy material, including gold, falls to the bottom of the box while the water and any lighter materials, including sand, is washed away.

  • Sluice Box Use and Set-Up - Black Mining.com

    How Sluice Boxes Work Running a sluice box is one of my favorite methods of prospecting. With relatively little equipment to pack in, a prospector can move a lot of material and develop a good amount of concentrates in a day.

  • What sluice mats to use - GoldHog Gold Prospecting Equipment

    What sluice mat is the best for capturing gold? It's a question asked often and here Doc shows you the best sluice mats for all your prospecting equipment. It's a question asked often and here Doc shows you the best sluice mats for all your prospecting equipment.

  • 3 stage sluice FAQ - goldfeverprospecting.com

    Info on 's newest dredge 3 stage sluice box design. Keene dredges are available by special order. FOR CURRENT PRICING AND AVAILABILITY ON KEENE DREDGES AND DRY-WASHERS PLEASE CONTACT US AT: 1-760-948-3333 ..

  • Highbanker Sluice Box: Equipment | eBay

    Build Your Own Little Highbanker Plans DIY Sluice Box Gold Prospecting Equipment This is a great Mini Highbanker design. Once you are done building it, it will be 2' long by 1' wide. You will love thi...